Knutsen LNG Ships

 Knutsen Tankers - client of TIS-UK for non-destructive testing of welded joints

TIS carried out Radiography, DPI and MPI on fuel line replacements on both vessels during 2012 and 2013. Both ships were underway whilst the work was being carried out.

X-ray of the fuel lines and all film processing being was carried out during the return voyage from Japan to Peru and Barcelona to Peru whilst both ships were empty.

All inspection work carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 5817 Class ‘B’.

Some of the weld locations were difficult to access for the welders and radiographers; both vessels have 4 engines which were individually shut down to allow the welding and radiography to take place.

The task was challenging for both the welding team and the radiography team as the engine rooms are hot and noisy with limited access to the inner welds as the whole fuel system is quad wall.

All the work was carried out during the voyage and final reports and certificates were handed to the Chief engineer on arrival in Peru.