Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Eddy Current Testing from TIS-UK

Technical Inspection Services (UK) Ltd has been providing Non Destructive Testing for the past 32 years to major industries including nuclear power, aerospace, shipping and construction. Our staff can work on-site with our mobile darkrooms and x-ray equipment or at our own premises. We can handle items of all shapes and sizes in our workshop including pipe work and vessels up to 5mtrs long and 1.8mtrs in diameter and up to 2 tons in weight.

Applus+ is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of Technical Inspection Services Ltd (TIS).

Our corporate mission has been to become the leading Test, inspection and Certification Company in the UK, Our acquisition of TIS brings us another step closer to achieving this goal. TIS will continue to provide services as normal with the added benefit of being part of the Applus+ UK wide support network.

Non Destructive Testing

<h3>Non Destructive Testing</h3>

We use various Non Destructive Testing methods including radiography, gamma, ultrasonic, magnetic particle inspection, liquid (dye) penetrant Inspection, visual examination & portable hardness testing. All methods are carried out in house & on site.

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Eddy Current Testing

<h3>Eddy Current Testing</h3>

The latest automated eddy current equipment in conjunction with conventional manual test sets, enables us to provide a comprehensive range of eddy current inspection services in tube and surface inspection.

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X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) PMI

<h3>X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) PMI</h3>

One of the quickest and most comprehensive methods to identifying alloy elements using low-level radiation. Ideal for Precious Metal Analysis. Can be performed on-site or at our premises.

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